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Welcome to the Elsanna Comics Archive!

Can’t get enough Elsanna? Here you will find a variety of great stories presented in the classic comic book/graphic novel format. So, grab your favorite beverage, kick back and prepare to transported to other worlds!

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*** Please note – until all our comics have been loaded, we will list the current status of each comic under the title. ***


(Current through Chapter 03)

Elsa and Anna in a Modern AU. One’s a domineering cop; the other is a flippant delinquent.

They can’t stand each other…

…then again…

…they can’t live without each other!

By Zero-Kiba

Chronicles of the Realm

(“The Realm” and “Prototype” are loaded – others pending.)

See the evolution of a comic! Watch “The Crown and The Shield become “The Realm”.

No matter what the title, buckle in for an adventure in an expansive medieval setting. Starring Elsa, Anna, Mulan and a whole host of other famous characters!

Move over, Westeros!

By Zero-Kiba


(Pending Upload)

Queen Elsa, amidst a great war, forsakes the gods after her misinformed wife throws her life away in grief, causing Elsa to be forced to walk in the steps of a monster, forever.

Heart frozen after spending centuries as a vampiric beast, Elsa happens across a chance once more at happiness when she sees a photo of what surely must be her love returned anew.

By Shishiyoukai

Tip of the Iceberg

(Pending Upload)

When Anna proposed to Elsa, it didn’t end with a ring. Now the sheltered forensic scientist finds herself living with her spontaneous troublemaking girlfriend, a no-nonsense retired Marine with a vigilante streak (and a record), a moody recovered addict with an attitude, and a lovable oaf who is more animal than man.

Five different people in a house built by a rich, eccentric, old man in a town where many stretches of life find themselves coming and going in the new home.

It should be fine, right?

By Hitzvl, Zero-Kiba and Shishiyoukai

All for One and All for Love

(Pending Upload)

A period piece, set during Thirty Years War (1618 – 1648).

The evil baron Halvor Torstensson plans to take Queen Elsa’s kingdom by accusing her of sorcery, but nothing in his plans account for Anna, the brave daughter of baron Fredrik von K√∂nigsmarck. Torstensson is forced to chase the two young women through all of Europe to execute his evil plan.

Along their travels, Elsa and Anna will meet two little orphan girls, Sigrid and Eira and two gentlemen: the physician Olaf and the knight Kristoff. Will they all survive the plots of baron Torstensson and his spy Helga?

By Shishiyoukai

Shorts and One-Shots

(Pending Upload)

A variety of short, fun comics!

By Various